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Malefics as Benefics: Planets

Malefics as Benefics

It is well established that Kuja or Mars, and Sani or Saturn are the worst malefics, just as Guru (Jupiter) and Sukra (Venus) are the best benefics, by nature. Only the evil of Mars is quick and even sudden, and a person is not reformed by the evil inflicted by Mars, whereas the evil caused by Sani is slow and sure and so torturing, so that Saturn is the most dreaded planet, in common parlance. But as has been amply and aptly said, Sani purifies a person, though he might take one through fire. This is because, he is a philosophical planet; and, the four signs from Sagittarius to Pisces are considered to be philosophical signs; so that Jupiter and Saturn are considered to be philosophical planets. When Saturn enjoys the wholesome aspect of a benign and powerful Jupiter, he makes a man God-fearing and philosophical in the real sense. Sri Ramana Bhagwan at Tirruvannamalai has Sani in Meena and Guru in Kumbha. Sani has come to mean a by-word for misery; for, is he not the Karaka for daridra (poverty) which is worse than death and for dukkha or grief and misery?
Yet, it is wrong to suppose that these are never good. The purpose of this article is to show that the arrogant Mars and the cynical Saturn may and do become splendid benefics, at times, and give good results and even shower beneficial effects. The good and powerful Kuja makes one successful and generous to friends and flatterers. A good and strong Saturn makes one a hard worker who never spares himself, and therefore, may not spare his subordinates, and so, will make one an exacting and hard disciplinarian and task master.
Kuja, son of the earth, is "of the earth, earthy". So far as marital felicity is concerned, Kuja is much more baneful and harmful than Saturn. Kuja in 7 mars one's marital life, by leading either to quarrels and divorce, or death of one's partner-in-life, unless he is in his own house or exaltation sign, or is well-relieved by benefic conjunction or aspect of Jupiter, owning good houses, when the evil should not be predicted. Kuja in 8, for female, is very baneful, for according to Mahadeva, the learned author of Jathaka Tathwa, Kuja in 8 would make a woman either a widow or one who brings discredit to her family, here again the evil effects may not be attributable when Kuja is dignified. Kuja will cause unexpected and sudden evil like death by motor-accident, especially when he is the baneful lord of bad houses like 3 and 8, for Virgo or Kanya Lagna. Kuja for Kanya Lagna should not be in 10, and should be weak, as in 12 from Lagna.
This Kuja is a splendid benefic and brilliant Yogakaraka for Cancer or Kataka Lagna, as the lord of 5 and 10. Mars, with or in opposition to the Moon causes Chandra-Mangala Yoga, though he gives an over-active and fretful mind. Mars and Jupiter, in conjunction or opposition cause Guru-Mangala Yoga, which is very good, as it is said to make a man, the head of a city or town, or a wealthy person, and one who is Dwija, i.e., a Brahmin, a Kshatriya or a Vysya. The Guru-Mangala Yoga will, however, cause extravagance and the persons will be often liberal and generous to a fault. For Cancer subjects, Kuja is literally Mangala or the auspicious planet. If he is strong and his Dasa transpires, he will raise the native to enviable heights. I give here the horoscope (Chart I) of a great ex-Judge of the Madras High Court, Sri M Venkatasubba Rao.
I am sure, very few astrologers of the Panditic type could say that this horoscope is that of one who was an eminent judge of the Madras High Court, known for his sturdy independence, for nearly 17 years! Please mark (1) Mars the Yogakaraka for Kataka Lagna in Lagna with full Moon, Lord of Lagna, getting neechabhanga Rajayoga and aspected by Guru, the lord of 9. So there is the association of the lords of 1, 5, 9 and 10 causing the Yoga; despite feeble Budha, lord of 3 and 12. (2) Lord of 7 in 9 with the lord of 9 in 7, a good Parivarthana; and (3) mark Guru and Budha in 7 and Sukra in 8 from Lagna as well as Chandra, forming Adhiyoga as well. My opinion is, the great success in life and good longevity are due to Nos. (1 and (3) above, taken together. Neither the association of 1, 5, 9 and 10 lords, when 9 and 10 lords are, after all, in Neecha, with clear Neechabhanga only for one of them, nor Adhiyoga could single-handedly account for the longevity and eminence of the native.
My point is to stress the importance of Adhipathya or lordship furnishing the clue and key to the benefic nature of Mars. The lord of 5 and 10, especially when the lord of 10 is a natural malefic, is a brilliant benefic. And, when such good Mars is in 10, the native can achieve the "impossible" even. And, however weak he may be, he must confer good on the native and lift him, especially when he is associated with the Ascendant and the lord of the Ascendant, who is the ruler of the chart according to western astrologers.
There is a sloka in the Jathaka Parijata, Chapter VII which says that if Mars is in Oocha and strong and is aspected by (or) associated with Sun, Moon and Jupiter, even a low-born person becomes a king, of protecting the whole earth. In the horoscope referred to, Mars, though in his debilitation sign, is strong in Shadvargas and is with the full Moon and is aspected by the Sun and Jupiter.
Kataka Lagna people, if lucky, should have Mars with Moon, lord of Lagna, and should get the Dasas of Moon and Mars. In God Vishnu's Avatar Sri Ramchandra's horoscope, Moon and Jupiter were in Cancer, and Mars was in exaltation in 7; how splendid! In the late Justice T V Seshgiri Iyer's chart, for Cancer, Mars and Jupiter were in exaltation, and his wife served him, though Mars was in 7! Horoscope 2 is the horoscope of an eminent lawyer and a knight who earned well in Surya Dasa and earned a "fortune" in lakhs, in Moon's Dasa (Mark first-rate Lakshmi (1 and 9) and Gajakesari (Jupiter and Moon Yogas) and became Advocate General and got Knighthood, or "Sir"-title in the Dasa of Mars, but missed the Judgeship of the Federal Court of India, for which he tried, though he had declined a High Court Judgeship. Mark, Mars lord of 5 and 10 in 2, the house of speech; but not in 10 or in 7 aspecting 10 or with the lord of Lagna or aspected by the 9th lord Jupiter.
Next to Kataka Lagna, Mars sis a benefic for Simha Lagna or Leo. Mr Justice Sundaram Chetty, an ex-Judge of the Madras High Court, who rose from the post of a District Munsif to a place on the High Court Bench, was born in Leo, and had Mars in 10 (Meridian) and 11 from Moon in Cancer. By the way, Mars is very good in 3, 10 and 11, except where 11 is badhakasthana, when he is good by lordship. For Simha Lagna, Mars is a better benefic than for Kumbha Lagna (for which he is lord of 3 and 10); but for Leo, Kuja is less of a benefic than for Cancer, the reason being that the lordship of 9, for a fixed sign is also slightly evil, on account of badhakadhipatyam. However, as lordhip of 9 is always auspicious, I would attribute badhakadhipatyam more to the lord of 11 for a Chara Lagna or cardinal sign, and to the lord of 7 for a dual sign or Ubhaya Rasi only.
I shall illustrate myself with these: Sri Vepa Ramesam an ex-Judge (for about 15 years) had Mars in 4 in his own house, for Leo. Mr S Srinivas Iyengar, Advocate General and a great lawyer had Mars and Sun in Lagna for Leo; he was a very assertive and powerful personality.
The 3rd one is the horoscope of a person who was practicing as an Advocate and then was appointed to an official position carrying more than Rs.1000 a month as pay. The person was also appointed as an acting High Court Jundge. But, he was not re-appointed, after reversion, as a Judge. And so, his tenure as High Court Judge, in a very high position, was a very short one, for about three months. Why was the disappointment? If lord of 9 for Kumbha Lagna is evil, on account of badhakadhipatyam, his being relegated to 8 where he is in debility, should be good. There is also Lagnadhi Yoga due to (uncombust) Guru in 7 and Budha and Sukra in 8 from Lagna. Perhaps this was responsible for his being lifted as a judge; but the lift was not permanent and misfortune. I was asked about the chart. I said, Sani, though exalted in 9 as lord of Lagna, is debilitated in Navamsa. Kuja, lord of 3 and 10 is not in 10, but in 4, aspecting 10, no doubt; but in 6 from the lord of Lagna. Above all, the lord of Bhagyasthana (9th) and lord of Lagna are in Dwidwadasa (2 and 12) positions. And therefore, I am of opinion that the badhakadhipatyam theory should be applied to fixed signs only with great caution.
In the horoscope of an IMS Officer, Guru and Sukra, lords of 2 and 11, 4 and 9 are in Lagna and Mars in 10 well-placed in his own house. If Sukra were evil, because he is lord of Bhagya, he should not be in Lagna. But here, the two benefics are in Lagna; and Mars, lord of 10 is strong in his own house in 10 with directional strength, and forming Ruchaka-Yoga, a Pancha-Mahapurusha Yoga and he aspects Venus, lord of 9. The native was an IMS Officer getting more than Rs.2000/- per month.
Now, I come to Sani. According to me and my humble experience, Sani is the best benefic for Libra or Tula Lagna. He is an intimate friend of Venus, the lord of the Ascendant and is the auspicious lord of 4 (a quadrant) and 5 (a trine). Sani in 4 in Capricorn, or in Lagna in Libra for Libra natives is excellent, especially if he is with Sukra or Venus, the lord of Lagna. Akbar the great had Venus and Saturn in Lagna in Libra. For Libra, Napoleon had Sani in 10 and 10th lord Moon in 4. I am aware that, for Taurus, Sani is the Yogakaraka as the lord of 9 and 10; but I advisedly say that he is a better benefic for Libra natives. For, for Taurus or Vrishabha Lagna, Sani is also badhakadhipati as the lord of 9 for a fixed sign. The learned author of Bhavartha Ratnakara (vide B V Raman's English translation) says "Sani alone cannot give Rajayoga, for Taurus", and some Telugu writers swear by that rule and say, Sani should be actuated by conjunction with Venus, or by the aspect of Jupiter to do good. The Telugu verse even says that Sani in a Kendra from Venus is as benefic as Jupiter in a Kendra from Moon who gives Gaja-Kesari Yoga and gives Kirthi, Sukha and Bhoga-Bhagyam, despite even the evil of planets in debility or in inimical houses. Of course, I would apply it fully only when good Sukra is with good Sani, or in 7 from good Sani. Of course, Sani should not combine with or aspect his bitter enemy, the Sun, for Taurus, though the Sun is lord of a Kendra (4) and Sani is lord of a Kona (9). The Sun-Saurn conjunction like Mars-Saturn is one of the worst; and if in 10 will spoil one's reputation, and work a "fall". Sun and Saturn in 3 or 8 affect longevity and so on. Sani in 3 or 11seems to be very good for Taurus. See chart 4 of a Justice of the Madras High Court, who was first appointed as a District Judge and rose to the High Court. He had a strong physique, stout common sense and was a perfect gentleman and a great sportsman.

Noteworthy Features:
(1) Adhiyoga from Lagna, a pure Adhiyoga, due to Venus in 6 and Guru and Budha in 7 from Lagna, unassociated with any malefics. According to Saravali, such Adhiyoga makes one a Mantri or a "Dhandapathi" or "Judge" or a King, and also long-lived and free from diseases and fear.
(2) Sani in 3 from Lagna, aspected by Guru;
(3) Guru and Budha in Kendra, as the lords of 2 and 11, such "Somasutha-Guru" yoga is deemed a Dhanyayoga for Taurus. Shani for Vrishabha Lagna is good in 7, though in Scorpio; for Taurus natives as Sani has got Digbala or Directional strength in the west or the setting sign. It is very good for success; and does not affect even one's partner-in-life, unless there are other features, to cause Kalathradosha.
Next to Libra and Taurus the sign for which Saturn is really benefic, is Capricorn or Makara for which he is the lord of Lagna (and Dhana 2). Sani is Oocha in Libra, for natives whose Janma Lagna or Chandra Lagna is Makara or Capricorn is a very good feature for elevation in life; and in such a case, the general rule that Sani in 10 will cause rise but also a sudden or great fall should not be predicted. Here is the horoscope (No.5) of a gentleman who has gradually risen to Governmental pay, in 4 digits, and is bound to rise still higher, in Sani Dasa, Sukra bhukti, after the present gochara ceases.
The native is a good gentleman. Mark Guru, lord of Lagna in 9, in Leo, where, according to Kerala Astrologers, Jupiter is even more powerful than Oocha Guru or Jupiter in exaltation, aspecting Lagna. He married the daughter of a very leading lawyer and got into Government service, thanks to his merits and his father-in-law' s influence (Mark Mercury lord of 7 and 10 with Surya, the Royal Bhagyadhipathi or lord of 9). According to me, this is a case where Sani is an excellent benefic. For Sani as lord of 2 for Dhanur Lagna is in 11 in exaltation, combined with Venus, the Yogakaraka for Chandra Lagna. Sani, in a kendra from Lagna or Chandra, in his own or exaltation house, produces a Pancha-Mahapurusha Yoga called Sasa-Yoga, conducive to longevity, devotion to one's mother and shrewdness to spot out and detect perfidy or treachery by others. He is 52 or 53 and is drawing more than Rs. 1,000 per mensem, now; and he must rise higher to be the "head" or to draw higher emoluments upto Rs.2000 per mensem.
"Good Sani in 3, 6 or 11 from Lagna or Moon produces Yoga-prabhava. And, if such Sani has got the aspect of a good and powerful Jupiter, he will give very beneficial results, and that too, in an astonishing manner". Sir C Ramaswami Iyer's best Dasa was that of Sani in Pisces in 6, for Thula Lagna, in exchange with Guru. Any lucky Libra-man gets Sani and Budha Dasas in his life just as any Virgo native should get Budha and Sukra Dasas to be very lucky or to have phenomenal success.
Sani, if he is good by lordship or Adhipathya, as for (1) Libra or Thula, (2) Taurus or Vrishabha and (3) Capricorn or Makara Lagna is mighty benefic. Sani is very good in Thula, his exaltation sign, and is good in his own houses, Capricorn and Aquarius and (4) in Jupiter's houses, Dhanus or Sagittarius and Meena or Pisces. The Uttara Kalamrita says "Sani gives fortune when in Pisces, Libra and Dhanus".
It also says that Sani does good when in Libra, or own house or in Jupiter's houses, even though he is in Lagna (where he is, generally bad, just as he is good in 7).
The Brihat Jataka attributes only good results to Sani in Jupiter's houses.
Of course, Sani in Dhanus, called Kodanda-Sani may have to be regarded as stronger than Sani is Pisces; as Dhanus is the sign just preceding Makara, Sani's own house, whereas Pisces or Meena immediately precedes Aries, his debilitation sign. But the Jataka Parijata says that Sani in Meena gives "Thejas" and excelling kingly virtues. Saravali says, if Sani is in Guru's house and is aspected by Guru, he gives Rajayoga.
In experience, Sani in Meena for Mesha Lagna, if well-aspected by exalted Jupiter from Cancer, is found to be benefic, especially if the Moon is in Capricorn or Taurus, when Sani will occupy an Upachaya from Chandra Lagna, as lord of good houses from Moon's sign. Of course, some gentlemen explain by saying that, Sani, though very good as a malefic who is the lord of 10, is mainly baneful as lord of 11for a cardinal sign, viz., Mesha or Aries and so badhakadhipathi. As Kumbha or Aquarius is Moolathrikona for Saturn, the lordship of 11, which is specially evil for a movable or cardinal sign, preponderates. And so when he is relegated to 12, the evil disappears? and when Guru, the lord of Pisces and the lord of 9 for Aries blesses him by his benign aspect, Sani is transmuted or transformed into a benefic, and even a brilliant Yogakaraka? Such friends cite the instance of an Aries-native who has Moon in Taurus and Guru and Sani in Pisces in 12 (and not in 11, in Bhava) who is a celebrity and the Dewan of a Native State for 17 or 18 years in Sani Dasa. And the late lamented Prof. B Suryanarain Rao's Astrological Self-Instructor shows a Mysore Judge's chart, where Sani is in 12 in Pisces for Aries Ascendant with Guru and Moon in 4 in Kataka. The Phaladeepika by Sri Mantreswara, in Chapter VII, says, " If Sukra, Guru and Sani are in Meena and the Moon is exalted, as Full Moon, and the Sun for Mesha Lagna is aspected by Mars, the person becomes a king." Vide:
Is the real or correct reason for the Rajayoga, the fact that (1) Badhakadhipathi is well relegated, or (2) is it the fact that Sani is in Meena and has 9 and 10 benefic association, or (3) is it due to Chandra Lagna, mainly? Possibly (1), (2) and (3). Anyway, it is a point to be remembered that, when Sani is evil by lordship he may be relegated to 12, and when he has Jupiter's powerful aspect, perhaps the following sloka from the Jathaka Rajeeyam ascribed to Kalidasa may be applied to a malefic, by nature, in 12, though generally, Sani is bad indeed, next to Sani in 8.
But Sani in 8, in his own house, with benefic aspect by Jupiter or Venus, is found to be giving wealth, though very little is saved. For Mesha (Aries) Lagna and for Mithuna (Gemini) Lagna, Saturn is deemed a papi, as lord of 11 for a cardinal sign, and the lord of 8 (though lord of 9) respectively, and so the apparent paradox, that Sani in 12 or 8, very bad generally, may be good in 12 or 8 for these two Lagnas provided there is benefic association, of course. When Sani becomes benefic, it is iron or steel transformed into gold. A person with Sani, rendered benefic, especially by Jupiter's association or aspect will have faith and be God-fearing and will have spiritual tendencies, besides materialistic mundane success.

Chart 1: Rasi: Cancer: Ascendant with the Moon and Mars; Capricorn: the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter; Aquarius: Venus; Pisces: Saturn.
Chart 2: Rasi: Cancer: Ascendant with Jupiter and the Moon; Leo: Mars; Virgo: Rahu; Pisces: Ketu; Taurus: Sun, Saturn and Mercury, and, Gemini: Venus.
Chart 3: Rasi: Aquarius: Ascendant; Taurus: Mars; Cancer: the Moon; Leo: the Sun and Jupiter; Virgo: Mercury & Venus; and, Libra: Saturn.
Chart 4: Rasi: Taurus: Ascendant; Cancer: Saturn and Rahu; Libra: Venus; Scorpio: Jupiter and Mercury; Sagittarius: the Moon and the Sun; and, Capricorn: Ketu.
Chart 5: Rasi: Sagittarius: Ascendant; Capricorn: the Moon; Aquarius: Mars; Leo: Jupiter; Virgo: the Sun and Mercury; and, Libra: Venus and Saturn.

(by Gomathi Annapoorni, The Astrological Magazine, January 1950)


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