Sunday, December 7, 2008

Female Horoscope

Q; I am a student of Astrology over three years. I seek your good time to tell me is there any special identifications - apart from male horoscopes - in female charts to be seen. I request your guidelines.

Ans: Yes there are many points should be considered in a female horoscope not to be found in men horoscopes.

In “Poorva Paracharyam”, a compiled chapters quoting various slokas from ‘Sripathi Paddathi’, ‘Saravallee’, ‘ Jathaka Parijatha’ and ‘Bruhath jathaka’ will help us to find these important details in a female chart.
Lagna (1) - Body, health and personality, 2nd House : Prosperity and wealth; 3rd House - Brothers and Sisters; 4th House - Mother; 5th House - Father; 6th house - Enemies; 7th house - Progeny; 8th House - Comfort and death; 9th House - Service and gifts to humanity; 10th House - Service and livelihood; 11th House - Profit; 12th House expenses.
Further, the 5th House in a lady’s horoscope is said to indicate the gains in wealth for her. When the 5th Lord is house in 2nd House from Lagna, her husband will enjoy rides on vehicles; If the Lord of 2 nd house positioned in 1,2,4,7 or 10 from lagna, She will have many vehicles all her life.

In a girl’s birth chart, if the 11th Lord is in exalted in the 2nd house from Lagna, or the Lord of 2nd House is housed in the 11th house of the birth chart, she will be rich and have many vehicles in her life. If the Lord of the 11 house from Lagna in a woman’s chart posited in 1,2,4, 7, 10 or 11th house, her husband will have great prosperity and won many vehicles.
7th house in a girl’s chart is reckoned as the house to see the birth of child for her.
If the Lord of the 7th house from Lagna, is a benefic or exalted, or housed in that seventh house, or that Lord has the ‘Drusti’ - vision - from such a Planet, during the Desa Period (Vimshothri Desa) or Bukti Period of a favorable Planet to that Planet, she will beget more children.

If both Boy and Girl has similar Planets (Malefic or Benefic or friendly) in the 7th house of each one of them, they would marry in the same cast without much difficulties. If the 7th house is occupied by Jupiter or Venus or both, in ether of the birth charts, they are born in a religious and strict principled families. If it is not so and occupied by other Planets they would have born in other than strict religious families. This contention is referred to even when the 7th house was in aspect of said Planets.

In a girl’s birth chart, lord of the 7th House or ‘Kalathra Sthanathi Pathi’ is posited in his own house, or in exalted position, or in the house friendly or temporarily friendly Planet owned house, or positioned in the 7th Lord is posited in the 11th house from the position of Venus the husband will very long, healthy and wealthy all his life.

This continues to be a lengthy article, and has many intrigue details for deep study in a woman’s horoscope, including her periods, women related sickness, compatibility, morale etc, to be covered here.



Vinitha said...

Interesting. Why dont you give an English step by step to read? What is the software to be used to see?

DIVYA said...

I got this email from a well know astrologer from New Delhi, whose son works with me.

We all know that transits are judged from natal moon. The following positions are accorded to Jupiter for benefic results.
Jupiter transit said to be benefic in houses 2,5,7,9 11 from natal moon.

However, not all will manage to draw benefic results from such positions in transit. The results get moderated by the following factors:

1. Ascendant and placement from ascendant
2. Nakshatra in which the planet is transiting
3. Transit position in navamsh
4. Ashtakvarga strength
5. Dasha in operation
6. Moorti at ingress

First five factors are self-explanatory. Here I am explaining briefly the procedure for Moorti Nirnaya which some members may not be familiar with.

Some astrologers lay a lot of stress on what is known as Moorti Nirnaya, especially for slow moving Saturn and Jupiter. This is basically derived from the positions of natal and transit moons from the transit planet. The theory of Moorti-Nirnaya can be understood easily if the following data is prepared.

Note the exact time of ingress of the concerned planet in a sign.
Find out where the transit Moon is at that time from the natal Moon.
Now tabulate the results thus:
If the Moon is in 1,6,11 from the natal point, it is known as Golden or swarna moorti.
If the Moon is in 2,5,9 natal moon point it is known Silver or Rajat moorti
If the Moon is 3,7,10 from the concerned point it is Copper or Tamra moort
If the Moon is in 4,8,12 from the concerned point it is Iron or Loh Moorti.

Although the opinions vary, but most accepted view is that the transit will give results as the name of the moorti suggests. Swarn will give best results and Loh will give the worst results. Some astrologers believe that Swarn and Loh moorties are bad and Rajat and Tamra are good.

For Jupiter's ingress in Capricorn

When Jupiter enters Capricorn on 9 December 2008, Moon (in transit) is in Aries at the time of ingress.
For all those who have natal moon in aries, gemini and scorpio, the transit is in swarn moorti. For pisces, leo and sagittarius, the ingress is in rajat moorti. For cancer, libra and aquarius, the transit is in Tamra Moorti and for taurus, virgo and capricorn, it is siad to be in Loh moorti.